Tourmaline Gel Magnet Facial Mask

This mask is made of magnet, tourmaline, gel and other materials combined to release the natural anion, with a strong penetration, activation and metabolic force, can effectively penetrate into the skin deep, from the dermis to the epidermis deep level of oxidation of free radicals to promote the skin 20 magnets distributed in different points. Lets you have a perfect face shape, alleviate eye fatigue, improve the function of the small intestine, eliminate the cheek swelling, chin swelling, control appetite, pouch relaxation.

Magnetic face-lift, Help penetration, Anti-radiation, Elimination of dull, Fade dry lines and Alleviate dark circles.

The tourmaline component of this mask is distributed in the gel of the mask, colorless and tasteless.

Cooling treatment – after refrigerate mask, wearing on the face, can tighten skin, eliminate edema.

Heat therapy – the mask in warm water, gentle heating, remove the worn face can eliminate bacteria, whitening skin.

Functional Therapy – 10-20 minutes before getting up to wear, wearing 20 minutes lunch break, wearing the night 20 minutes, should be used for more than 20 days per month.

Beauty composite therapy – selection effect good cosmetic wrinkle essence or cream, before use applied to the face mask of penetration feature allows better absorption of nutrients.

Dual-care therapy – Work and study when you can put on a mask, you can radiation, relieve fatigue, working time to achieve the dual effect of health care and treatment.

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