Fish Brush Contour Makeup Brushes

Extremely soft, dense and silky bristles will provide you with the most comfortable makeup application process possible. Use this brush to cover every area to enhance your facial features. Bring out features you want to emphasize and hide anything you don’t! Specially angled bristle hairs will encompass all areas so you can present the most beautiful you.

The cute and fashionable fish/mermaid design will add that extra little style to your makeup kit. Eye-catching colors will brighten up the room and make the whole process more enjoyable. The fish handle is also designed to be comfortable to hold. Gain better control for better and even application.

Made with the best quality thick synthetic bristles that don’t shed. All materials are completely safe and user-friendly ensuring that there are no adverse effects on your skin. Available in different colors.

We are a USA based company and our goal is to delight our customer in every way we possibly can by providing excellent customer service and as we truly want to make our customer's experience to our product as pleasant as possible we offer an extended warranty on all our products.

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