Pampas Grass Flower Plant Decoration

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Decorate your home and garden with this beautiful pampas grass flower plant.
This is a large ornamental grass for large landscapes. Excellent specimen. Background plant for borders, screen. Maybe cut and dried for use in indoor flower arrangements.
Pampas grass is a late-flowering beauty. It adds color and form to the garden from September until February, with its striking feathery plumes, held high above a dense clump of foliage.
Use for a garden, living room and potted plants.

Growing Instruction:

1. The soil must be loose and breathable.
2. Cover the seed diameter of 3-5 times the soil seed.
3. Keep the soil moist.
4. Cannot be watered too much.

To Maturity: 30-90 Days Days
Temperature: 15-35 Celcius Growing
Temperature: 20-25 Celcius Sowing

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