Hair And Fur Remover Pet Grooming Glove Tool

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Do you love petting your pets while grooming them? Never scare away your pets again with a rake comb, slicker brush, or dematting tool. All pets love these gloves and they’ll never run away from you again.
Gentle soft silicone tips (anti pick) for long and short hair - Because it is made of silicone it’s also waterproof.
Unwanted hair on your furniture, clothing, and couch - The backside is made of velour coating that traps and cleans off fur or lint from all areas.
These gloves are made of nylon mesh which allows airflow and keeps the hand cool inside. Every glove has an uncomplicated wrist strap. Watch TV as you massage your cat, dog, or bunny!
Pets feel like they are just getting a massage while you’re actually brushing off tons of hair letting you brush them to shiny perfection without distress!

Tips so gentle, your pets will love them, there would be no chance of overdoing it to the extent of removing all the hair off your pets, cutting their hair by accident or creating bald spots on your pets as what happens when you use tools made of hard steel, blade or wires!
You can use them on sensitive areas and those hard to reach like the stomach areas, the face, tail and behind the legs, it won't accidentally hurt your pet and they can tolerate them far longer.
You can use it to simply just pet your pet, or as a massager, or as a shower scrub during bathing to get down to the skin for a good cleansing.
It's easy to use you don't need another person to hold your pet to prevent from running away while you do it. You can do the petting with these gloves all by yourself while doing something else like watching TV or reading a book.

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