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About Us

Welcome to uhsupply where we are constantly redefining beauty.

Our inspiration:

uhsupply is inpired by the voices of skeptics who think that we are on the wrong track. Who does not see how you can make a living doing what you are passionate about. Their voices is the fuel that gas us up day and night. The more the number of skeptics, the more we are fired up that this business must not fail. So when you shop at uhsupply you are not only providing a roof over the head of the employees but the owners of uhsupply as well. We are aware of this fact and are always humbled by your generosity in choosing to buy from uhsupply over thousands of online store. So your order is our lifeline and we treat it as such.

Our Belief:

We believe the word beauty is infinite and towards this belief, we are constantly searching for new ways to define it. This search has lead us to the following questions:-

What is beauty?

Janelle Monae said beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through!

We agree with Janelle Monae and in the quest to enhance beauty, we travel both near and far to bring you the latest in beauty products, scents, clothes, leggings, dresses that will accentuate your beauty and take it a step higher. As long as the word beauty is infinite our quest to accessorize it will never cease. We also stock hard to find products as we know that it is not everyone that like changes.

We also believe, what good is a great product if the price is ridiculous, the service sucks or the staff members do not have a clue about the product they are selling. So our goal at uh supply is to offer our valued clients an outstanding shopping experience, at competitive prices, with fast shipping and friendly, knowledgeable service.

Every staff member at uh supply conducts him / herself with competence and professionalism.

Our Culture:

Integrity, honesty and commitment to outstanding service combine to deliver professionalism in our everyday lives and in carrying out our duties at uhsupply. This is our culture that we live and breath everyday enabling us to render a service second to none. This is why “outstanding service” powers us.

Our two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in our mind – accomplishment of our mission in providing outstanding service to our customers, and ensuring the welfare of our employees who make this outstanding service possible every day.

Our Guarantee:

We want you to shop at uhsupply with confidence therefore we guarantee the condition and timely delivery on purchases.

Security and privacy:

We take customer concerns regarding privacy and security very seriously. Please note that we will never sell or share our mailing list or any other client data with other companies or institutions, unless where necessary for processing your orders or as required by law enforcement. Click here to learn more about our secure SSL certificate which provides industry standard data encryption of information transferred from your computer to the website.

 From our CEO Thomas, thank you for shopping at uhsupply


Email: info@uhsupply.com

Correspondence Address: 16107 Kensingston Drive Suite 219 Sugar land, Texas 77479

Happy shopping!!!

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