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Yoga... For Your FACE!

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Women have tried many things including  botox  and facial surgery to create a more toned and relaxed face. Today, we are going to chat about how facial yoga can give your face the tone that you’re looking for. Many celebrities have embraced facial yoga and are experiencing incredible results with it.

Understanding Face Yoga

Face yoga works for your face just like normal body yoga works for your body, it relaxes your face and helps it to have more tone. While some of the expressions may seem a little “off the wall”, they do help to relax your face and help to slow down the process of sagging and wrinkles on your face.

Does Face Yoga Work?

Conventional medical practitioners are of the opinion that face yoga simply creates more wrinkles. Wrinkles come about when your skin begins to lose elasticity not when your facial muscles lose elasticity, therefore, face yoga should not work for reversing wrinkles and sagging.

Face yoga supporters refute these claims and say that doing face yoga actually causes the skin to iron out wrinkles in your face. By practicing face yoga, you can give your face a natural face lift. You don’t need to resort to drastic measures such as plastic surgery and botox to get smooth skin when face yoga can do the job for free and without pain.

By relaxing your face muscles especially around the forehead, brow and jaw areas, you can counteract the damage that grimacing does to your skin. When you pull certain facial expressions and apply pressure to certain areas on your face, you are strengthening and toning your face muscles. It’s not to say that face yoga will sort out all your skin’s problems, but it certainly can retard the process of your skin developing lines and wrinkles.

The best way to test if face yoga really works, is to try it out for yourself. Watch this video and copy the exercises for a few weeks and see if you achieve the results that you are looking for:

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