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The Best Way to Pop a Pimple

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It’s funny and extremely annoying  how that pesky pimple appears at the most inconvenient time, like just before you are going to party, the prom or on your dream date with the new love of your life. While you might be seriously motivated to squeeze it right then and there, there are more practical ways to deal with your uninvited visitor. One way to deal with it is to apply glycolic acid as this may help to prevent the zit from developing fully.

Disadvantages of Popping Pimples

The pimple on your face is a tiny container of bacteria and debris that is waiting to wreak havoc on your face. Squeezing the pimple simply allows all of that muck to seep into your pores and replicate like crazy. The other danger to prodding and prying a pimple is that you can inadvertently push the bacteria deeper into your skin. There’s also a chance that dirt from your fingers will get into the pore and make the pimple become more infected, swollen and painful. If you leave a pimple alone it will sort itself out within a week or so.

Alternative Ways to Deal with Unwanted Pimples

One way to deal with a pimple (in an emergency) is to cover it with non comedogenic make up. This is makeup that does not block your pores. Your goal should be to conceal the redness as much as possible and not to make it flat. Less makeup will do the job better than more in this case. Piling on tons of makeup to conceal the zit will only accentuate the size of the zit and this is not the outcome that you are looking for. Look for a dry concealer that matches your skin tone for best results. Use a short bristled brush to do this so that you can get up, close and personal with the zit. don’t use your finger as this could leave finger smudges on your face.

How the Pros Pop Pimples

Nodules, cysts and deep pimples should be left well alone. You need to get to a dermatologist who can inject the lesion with cortisone to reduce the swelling. You may have to pray that you can get an emergency appointment if you need to deal with the pimple urgently.

If the pimple is white or yellow and at the surface of the skin, you can deal with it in the following manner:

  • Have a hot shower so that your skin is nice and supple to work with
  • Use a new sewing needle that has has been disinfected with medical alcohol
  • Prick the pimple ever so gentle
  • Squeeze each side with your two fingers which should be covered with clean tissue paper
  • Squeeze gently in a down and in motion until the pimple pops. If it does not come out right away, stop as it is not ready to do so. You should also stop if clear liquid or blood seeps from the pimple.
  • If you do not succeed, stop trying and get away from the mirror. Continuing to squeeze the pimple will cause more good than harm and almost certainly result in scarring and even infection.

Dr. Oz Pimple Popping Tutorial



If you can’t get rid of the pimple with a light touch and clean fingers then it is best left alone. If you this problem recurs then you might want to think about consulting with a dermatologist to determine the best way forward with regards to your skin.


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