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Quick Fixes for Common Beauty Battles

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No matter whether you have all day or only a handful of minutes, we can help you get the best out of your beauty routine. By applying these simple strategies, you can make yourself look like the belle of the ball in next to no time.

Turn up the volume: Once you have finished blow drying your hair, switch the dryer over to cool mode and flip your head over and aim the dryer at your hair. This will create pockets in your hair thereby creating the illusion of fuller more voluminous hair.

Concealing popped pimples: You cannot perform last minute makeshift surgery on a popped pimple without a disastrous outcome. The first step is to reduce the swelling by applying a wrapped ice cube to the area for ten minutes. Then you need to apply antibiotic ointment to the pimple to curb any infection. Once you have done that, you can apply some concealer to conceal the redness.

Dealing with a uneven bottle tan: Looking tanned is great unless you’ve tanned unevenly. Don’t feel bad if this is the case as many people botch their first attempts at self tanning. Keep a spare bottle of self tan handy so that you can patch up any areas before you go out.

Clumpy mascara: There’s a difference between long luscious eyelashes and clumpy overdone eyelashes. If your mascara is clumpy then chances are that your mascara has reached its sell by date and needs to be ditched. Use a baby wipe(held between your thumb and forefinger) to gently wipe away any excess and clumpy mascara. Then apply some Vaseline to the tips of your lashes as this will help to make them darker and separate them.


Deo stains on your clothes:  White streaks and blotches from deodorant on your clothes do not look cool at all. You may be pressed for time and not be able to change your outfit. Wait until it dries and rub the area with a dry sheet to get rid of the excess deodorant. Alternatively, you can take the garment off and rub the affected areas together until the streaks and blotches are gone. In future, opt for  dry deodorant when next you go shopping.

Manicure quick fix: When you are under pressure, don’t waste time removing nail polish from your nails - simply apply one fresh coat right now. Your nails will look as good as new and takes no time to do. This is only in the event of emergencies.

Fragranced hands make the best friends: If you are going to meet a lot of people at a party or work function, apply mist fragrance to your hands so they give off a sweet smell when you shake people’s hands.

Eyeshadow is for your eyes, not your face: It’s easy for eyeshadow to fall on your cheeks when you apply it. Place a square piece of tissue under each eye when you apply your eyeshadow as this will catch any residual eyeshadow that falls from your eyes.

These are some quick and doable fixes to help you get ready in record time when you need to go out. Ideal for those last minute and unexpected nights out.
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