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Secrets for Super-Smooth Summer Legs

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There’s an art to shaving your legs if you want that ultra smooth finish. most of us had to to learn how to shave our legs on our own and that is probably why we struggle to get that super smooth finish without hacking our legs to shreds in the process. Today, we are going to share some mistakes that are made and how to rectify them.


Biggest Shaving Mistakes

Shaving in the morning: Don’t shave in the morning as night time shaving is smoother. Your legs swell at night and this causes your hair to retract back into the follicles.

Shaving Up Instead of Down: Always shave down first as this is the natural direction that your hair grows. Refrain from shaving upwards if you have sensitive skin as this will only irritate your skin. You also run the risk of increased cuts and nicks when you shave against the grain.

Shaving With Men’s Razors: Men don’t shave with your razors so don’t use theirs. The hair is different on men’s faces and their blades are not suitable for shaving your legs.

Avoid Using Single Blade Razors: Try use a 4-5 blade razor for best results. These blades can negotiate all areas of your legs including the knee area.

Not Using a Suitable Lather to Shave: Forget about using soap or dry shaving as this will cause endless cuts and nicks. Use a quality shaving gel or foam for the smoothest shave ever. If you don’t have shaving gel then you can get away with hair conditioner, but don’t make a habit of this.

Not Changing the Blade Regularly: Don’t use the same blade for  more than 5-10 shaves. The blades become blunt and that causes cuts and nicks. Not only do they hurt, they don’t look good. 

Not Taking Care of Razor Burn: Left untreated, razor burn can result in long term scarring. Exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of ingrown hairs which cause razor burn.Treat razor burn with a warm compress and apply body lotion afterwards so that your hair becomes softer and easier to shave.

Shaving the moment you get into the shower: Give your leg hairs time to soften up when you get into the shower. Wait for about 10 minutes before shaving so that the hair is soft and easier to shave. Your follicles will also open up and this makes the shaving process all the more easy.


Shaving Hacks for Super-Smooth Summer Legs

  1. If you want to wax your legs make sure your skin is pulled tight as this makes it easier to remove the hair in one movement. Get rid of any residual wax with a cotton ball dipped in baby oil.
  2. Be sure to apply self tanner behind the knees to avoid the white blotches behind your knees.
  3. Avoid using creams with alpha hydroxy acids or fragrances after you have shaved as they will sting your legs and you could end up with a rash too.
  4. Elevate your legs when you rest as this promotes good circulation and keeps your legs healthy.

A super-smooth shave is a great way to ensure that your self-tan applies smoothly and evenly. 

Do you have any more tips for a great shave? Please share below!

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