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3 Tips for Developing a Beauty(Full) Mindset

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Ever heard the phrase “beauty is skin deep”? How true this saying really is. Year in and year out, billions of dollars are spent by women all around the world trying to make themselves more beautiful. The secret lies not in outer beauty but inner beauty. It’s all about the mindset and not the beauty products. It's only when you develop a beautiful mindset that you will get the most value from your investment in cosmetics and skin-care products, which merely magnify your inner beauty.


Many female movie stars of years gone by aged gracefully simply because they were such special people and were beautiful on the inside to begin with. They took care of their mindset and were natural beauties whether they wore the latest make-up products or not. They also took better care of their skin.

1. Invest More in Skincare Than Make-up

Look after your skin properly and you probably won’t need all the make-up anyway. French women have perfected this to a fine art and have passed this secret down from generation to generation. Young French girls are taught to tone and cleanse from an early age and the dividends are more than obvious when these girls hit middle age. They also indulge themselves in spa treatments regularly thereby keeping their skin young, supple and beautiful.

2. Embrace Your Face

Never change who you are. Even the most beautiful movie actresses and celebrities have flaws. The only difference between them and you is that they embrace who they are. These women are so self confident that their flaws are actually beautiful to look at. Self confidence will do more for how you look than any amount of make-up can. Slow down on the makeup and increase the self love. You were created perfect so embrace it and share your beauty with the whole world.  Remember our recent post about freckles? Women are actually drawing on freckles to look more beautiful!

3. Never Go to Sleep with Make-up On

Leaving make-up on at night is the worse thing that you can do to your skin. It gives all the toxins in the make-up free rein to damage your skin while you are sleeping. This is the surest way to break down the collagen in your skin. Make-up also clogs up your pores which leads to the outbreak of acne. Most women simply cover acne with more make-up and this simply exacerbates the problem. Spend the extra ten minutes every night and remove the make-up. 

There you go! 3 Tips to help you develop the right attitude towards your beauty which radiates from the inside.

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