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The Bro Bun [5-minute Bun Tutorial]

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Introducing the Bro-Bun, named for John-Ross, a 13-year old semi-Neanderthal boy from South Africa, who never brushes his own hair. JR sat his twin sister Debbie down one day when she was sick, because he knows that she loves it when people play with her hair, and he wanted her to feel better. This kid has  by no stretch of the imagination any knowledge of how girls (or boys for that matter!) look after their hair, so if he can do this, so can you. You will be able to do it yourself and even have your hair in layers - the perfect style for combating sea-side frizz, just add a spritz of Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Aerated Anti-frizz Spray, and call over your bro - or do it yourself, whatever. :)


You will need:

  • a brush, to remove tangles
  • an orphaned sock
  • scissors
  • a hairband

Bro-Bun Step #1

First,  you must cut the toe off of the sock....

and roll the sock from the inside out into a donut shape, like this:


Bro-Bun Step # 2

Pull the hair into a ponytail - low or high, depending on the occasion and your mood, and neatly fan out the hair.


Bro-Bun Step #3

Now for the tricky stuff.... 

Gently tuck all your ends of the ponytail into the sock. Try to ensure that your hair spreads evenly as you work.

Once you have tucked all the hair into the sock, you can gently roll the sock and your hair down towards the base of your head. Once the sock is touching your head, gently tuck any remaining hair into the sock.

"It will look messy at this point, but don't worry, it will come right." warns JR. Alrighty then...



Bro-Bun Step 4

Once all the ends are tucked in, secure your bun by pulling a hair band over it, pulling in any loose ends.  





You can make the bun look fuller by gently pulling and teasing  some of the hair at the top of the bun.  And there you have it! The Bro-Bun perfected in less than 5 minutes!


You can use bobby pins to secure some of the fly-aways in the front, or add a flower accent, depending on your mood. 

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