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Love Your Hair - Simple Cheats for Good Hair Days Everyday!

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We all love to have good hair days everyday, however time constraints can get in the way of managing our hair as we would like to. It’s important to get your hair manageable,shiny and then selecting a timeless style that will hold for the entire day.

Choosing the Right Style For YOU

Forget about trends and choose a style that suits you. You can select your hairstyle according to your face shape, and then play with color and accessories to individualize your look. Here are 6 of the most popular hairstyles that match different face shapes:

Don't be afraid to rock your natural, big, sexy curls. If you don't have natural curls, you can create them with curling tongs.

Mid-length hair looks great on round faces. The length helps to create the illusion that your face is longer than it really is.

The  classic bob suits any face type and is a favorite with most women as it is practical and easy to maintain. You will have enough length in your hair to tie it back if that suits you and there are so many variations.

If you have fine hair and a round face you can opt for the Pixie style. The Pixie style offers an alternative and fresh look. The Pixie is for you if you are daring.

If you have thick hair and a heart shaped face, you can go for the Hard Working Look. This is parting on one side of your hair with the hair brushed over to the other side. Very easy to manage and always looks good.

If your hair is long and have you have a longer face, you can go for the full fringe look. This makes your hair look entirely different even though you have not really done anything other than create a fringe.

Quick Tips to Make Your Hair Look Great

Now that you have got your curls sorted out, you can add some more products to really make your hair look fabulous:

  • You can color your curls with color mousse for a fresh new look while adding some zest to your existing curls. Most color mousses are good for about 6 washes before the color eventually fades.
  • Add some volume to your hair with volume blow drying lotion with built in heat protection

Expert Tip For Fine and Limp Hair

If your hair is fine and limp you should combine a straight and smooth spray with a root lift spray. This will help to give your roots more volume and give you more control over your hair.

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