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Valentine's Day's is Around the Corner! [Valentine's Gift Ideas Inside]

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While we all enjoy giving gifts to our loved ones on Valentines Day, it will be good to know how this day came about. Legend has it that back in the 3rd century, the Roman leader of the time, Claudius II, forbade his subjects from practising Christianity and forced them to believe in the 12 Roman gods of the time. A Christian, named Valentinus, defied Claudius and continued to worship the Christian God. Valentinus was eventually thrown in jail and sentenced to death.


One of the prison wardens had a blind daughter and he asked Valentinus if he would meet with her with a view to teaching her. Valentinus agreed and taught all sorts of subjects and spoke to her about God too. It is believed that Julia (the girl) asked Valentinus if God does really hear the prayers of human beings. Valentinus confirmed that God does hear our prayers and added that it is important to believe that God answers our prayers. Long story short, Julia asked for her sight to be restored and lo and behold, her sight was restored!

On February 13th, 270 AD, Valentinus wrote a letter to Julia pleading with her to maintain her relationship with God. The next day he was executed. Apparently, Julia planted an almond tree with pink blossoms next to the grave and till today, this tree remains the symbol of friendship and love. He signed the letter “Your Valentine”

Today, billions of people around the world celebrate the 14th of February as the day of love and romance. Billions of dollars are spent on this day by people who buy gifts for their loved ones, go away for romantic soirees and eat out at fancy restaurants. The question now begs; how can you spoil the love of your life on this very special day?

Timeless Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

  • Don’t forget Cupid who is the son of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Cupid comes from the latin word cupido which means desire. Make sure you let your loved one know about your desire for him or her. Let him/her feel your passion so that your love for each other continues to burn long after February 14.
  • White, pink and red are the colors of love and of Valentines Day. White stands for purity and your love should be pure. Red signifies the color of your heart (where love originates from) and passion. Pink stems from the pink almond tree that was planted near Valentinus’ grave. If you are going to buy a gift for your loved one, try to incorporate these colors in your gift or in your wrapping paper.
  • Roman men used to send letters expressing their affection to their loved ones since about 1400 A.D. It is believed that this is where the custom of sending cards to our loved ones originated from. Cards are ideal as they present the ideal forum for you to really express your feelings in writing. Nothing says “I love you” better than a dedication from the heart. Take some time and make your message of love really special.
  • The rose is the flower of love and this originates all the way back to the Roman Goddess of love, Venus. Rumor has it that the rose was her flower of choice and today, roses are sold all around the world on this extremely special day. There isn’t a woman on earth who does not love roses. Make her day and send her a dozen roses this Valentines Day.
  • Women go weak at the knees for roses and chocolate. Chocolate has long been known as the ultimate mood food and aphrodisiac due to phenylalanine which is an endorphin that has been linked to love. The Aztecs used to give chocolate as a gift as they believed it was a source of energy, higher wisdom and sexual prowess. Be sure to hit her sweet spot with a prettily wrapped box of chocolates this Valentine's day.

It is good to know that Valentines Day is steeped in mystery and history and not just a plot by retailers to get rich. Go out this Valentines Day and make it the most special day for your loved one. You are not limited to flowers and chocolates you can wow your loved one with awesome gifts of perfume.

Valentine's Gift Ideas For Her

Women have a keen sense of smell, and love a man who appreciates a good perfume. More importantly - a man who buys perfume, shows that he cares. There is so much choice out there in terms of different scents. Here are some of our most popular fragrances for women right now:

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For Him

While Valentines Day is more meaningful for the ladies, you can still knock the socks off of your special man by giving him a special perfume on Valentines Day. Here are some ideas that are sure to get the man of your life falling in love with you all over again.

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So there you have it, some great ideas and ways to celebrate Valentines Day this year. The key is to carry this feeling of love each day of the year so that you and your loved one live a long and happy life together.

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