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How to Go From Drab to Fab in 15 Minutes

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Making yourself beautiful is fun, however you may not always have the time that you would like to spend on beautifying yourself. You know how it is with work, being a mom and wife, we have very little time to ourselves at the best of times. don’t forget how time consuming choosing the right outfit can be to. If you are anything like me, you will have half your wardrobe on your bed by the time you walk out the door to go out on your date.

If you are under pressure with time constraints, it is highly likely that you will botch your makeup regime too. Smeared mascara is not the way to impress your date, especially if it the first date. With a little planning and organisation, you can get yourself looking gorgeous in next to no time without messing up your make-up. Follow these tips if you want to enjoy your date and enjoy the process of getting ready too.

Begin The Night Before

Have all your tools of the trade ready in advance. Do you know how much time is wasted looking for eyeliner, mascara and other items of makeup. Get yourself a makeup organizer and ensure that everything is in place all the time. If you have limited time in the morning, wash and dry your hair the evening before and simply style it before you go to work the next morning. 

Maybe you're washing your hair too frequently anyway... Find out here!

Use your spare time to practise how to get all your makeup ready to use in the morning. You can also practice doing certain aspects of your beauty regime so that you can get faster at it. This could be blow drying your hair or other other slower aspects of your makeup regime.

Save Time In The Shower

You can save lots of time in the morning by taking a shower before retiring to bed at night. If you really cannot do without a shower in the morning, you could consider doing it at night, saving time in the morning.

Use an in-shower moisturizer to save time waiting for normal moisturizer to dry before you can get dressed. The steam in the shower will open your pores and permit the moisturizer to penetrate your skin deeply. Look for a moisturizer that contains shea butter as this offers maximum moisture for your skin.

Wax your legs if you wear skirts and dresses often. Waxing lasts longer than shaving and will save you time . If you do prefer shaving, use blades that come with a lubricant as this will speed up the process.

Use a lotion that includes SPF and perfume as this will save you precious seconds too.

Try Dry When Washing your Hair

Dry shampoo should be stocked in every woman’s bathroom.Spray at the roots of your hair and comb the shampoo with your fingers through your hair as this will help to remove any excess oil and dirt. If you're in a pinch, baby powder works just as effectively and freshens your hair at the same time.

It will also help to give some bounce and volume to your hair. You can use any of these 3 styles to create a cool look in minutes:

  • Ponytail
  • Braid
  • Top knot


  • Wash your hair with a conditioning shampoo and the same should apply to your other beauty products. If you wash your hair in the morning, wrap it in a microfiber towel so it dries while you are tending to other aspects of making yourself beautiful.
  • BB creams are handy in that they combine SPF, oil controlling properties and light coverage in one simple application. Using a BB cream will save you from having to apply multiple creams individually. BB creams keep you looking younger as they contain anti-ageing antioxidants.
  • Use all-in-one eye, lip and cheek stain - it saves time! You can also use your lipstick to accentuate your cheeks.


If you really in a rush and don’t have time for your regular makeup regime, just put on some bright red lipstick and go! Red lipstick looks incredibly sexy and has a unique way of making it look as if you have spent hours on your beauty regime.

Tint Those Brows

If you are too busy to pay attention to your eyebrows and eyelashes, get them tinted. This will add more grooming and shape to your brows and make your eyelashes appear longer and darker.

Will you try these tips? We look forward to hearing just how much time you shave off your busy morning routine!

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