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Freckles Beauty 101

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While freckles may not have been popular in the past, they are all the rage today. Freckles are becoming a fashion statement and many of the top celebrities are flaunting their freckled faces like there is no tomorrow. If you doubt just how cute and attractive freckles are, you need only to look at the latest photos or video footage of the following celebrities:

  • Kate Moss
  • Cintier Dicker
  • Lucy Liu
  • Twiggy
  • Olivia Munn
  • Magdelena Jasek
  • Lindsay Lohan

Each one of these celebrities are famous in their own right and considered beautiful by adoring fans around the world. We all know how celebrities set the fashion statement for the season, so if you have freckles, get out there and flaunt them. Freckles have become so popular that those without freckles can use a freckle pencil to create their own freckles! How cool is that?

Freckles Are Here To Stay

Here’s a newsflash, not all of the ladies mentioned above have real freckles, some of these ladies have had artificial freckles drawn on their faces.  Now if famous people such as these can have artificial ones, then you can be proud of your God given beauty by way of freckles. Today, many women draw freckles on their faces to create the impression that they are younger than they are. Most ladies develop sun spots once they hit thirty years old, combining the sun spots with a few fake freckles can make you look younger. Don’t worry if you have sun spots as they look the same as freckles so that is half the job done already.

Just Exactly What  are Freckles?

  • Freckles are usually found on light skinned people and are simply clusters of melanin. Another name for freckles is ephelis.
  • Freckles contain cells that produce excessive amounts of melanin granules which in turn change the color of your skin. In human beings it can cause different skin tones.
  • While genes do not determine who has freckles, they do determine just how many freckles a person can have. Sunlight is involved in the process of developing freckles.
  • The ultra violet rays activate melanocytes to increase the production of melanin in the skin. This helps the freckles to become more visible as they become darker as a result of excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Freckles are not normally present in babies and only develop later on in life.
  • They are most often visible on the face but do sometimes extend to the abdomen and arms.
  • People with large concentrations of melanin may develop freckles on other areas of their bodies.
  • If you have a lot of freckles you should use extra sun protection and try to reduce the amount of time that you spend in the sun.
  • Some people confuse liver spots with freckles as they are similar in appearance. Liver spots are as a result of being exposed to the sun for long periods of time  and are usually found in older people.
  • While freckles are not in themselves dangerous, it’s still advisable to wear sun protection to prevent any damage to your skin.

How To Apply Fake Freckles
Fake freckles have been used by people for quite some time. Many top brand companies offer freckle pencils at a good price. The key is to use a color that is lighter than your hair color. You can use two different colors to give a more natural and real appearance of freckles. Use medium and light brown if you have light colored skin. If you have darker skin you should use medium to dark colored pencils to give that natural freckled look that you are striving for. Tap the pencil randomly on your face and remember to place a spot or two on your eyelids to get that authentic look. Forget about perfectly round shapes as that will look fake, place a few odd shaped spots so that they do look real. Keep the tip of the pencil blunt to create more authentic freckles. Refrain from touching your face once your artwork is done otherwise your face will look like it needs a good wash. You will go from trendy to “dirty” in one swift second.
Some beauticians use more than one brush with different colors when applying freckles to clients. Real freckles are not all perfect and the same in color and size so why should your fake freckles be perfect. Mix it up a little to give  the illusion that your freckles are genuine.
Still need more advice? Check out this video tutorial!


All of this bodes well for those ladies who do have real freckles. They have set a trend and no longer need to go through all the pain and cost of trying to hide  their freckles.


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