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How To Clean Makeup Brushes

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If you want to look beautiful, you need to make sure that you have the right tools and that you maintain these tools properly. It’s no use applying  all the beauty products onto your face if you use dirty brushes and applicators to do so. You need to keep these clean so that your make-up and face is protected. Make-up brushes are a haven for bacteria and dirt. Your face has bacteria and oils and these get transferred to your brushes each  time you apply make-up to your face. Failing to keep your make-up brushes free from oil and bacteria  will lead to clogged up pores and all sorts of unpleasant  skin problems.

Why You Should Clean Your Make-up Brushes

You can enjoy all of the following benefits by ensuring that you clean the brushes regularly:

  • Your brushes will remain softer longer. Dry makeup on brushes makes the hair hard and scratchy and this is not good for your face. You want to use nice soft brushes when you apply makeup to your eyelashes.
  • You will remove dirt and excess oils from the brushes.
  • We’ve already discussed bacteria and we all know why it’s important to remove bacteria from your brushes. Remember, bacteria give rise to infections and the last thing you need or want is eye and skin infections due to dirty brushes.
  • Cleaning regularly removes dead skin cells and bacteria and dust mites love dead skin.
  • You get rid of old makeup which quite possibly will be riddled with dirt and bacteria.

These are more than enough reasons for you to spend some time each week cleaning your makeup brushes.

You should strive to clean your makeup brushes every week in order to enjoy making up your face. You can clean them more often, just make sure you only use dry brushes to apply your next bit of makeup. Cleaning your brushes more often will ensure the longevity of your makeup brushes which will give you a better makeup experience and save you money.

How To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean


Cleaning makeup brushes is an easy and quick process  once you get into the routine of doing it. You should use water with a mild soap or brush cleaner. Using regular soap is not advised as it will dry the bristles out and make them hard and stiff. You should use a tiny drop of cleanser to gently massage the brush ends until they are clean. Work gently with the brushes and do not use too much cleanser as it will loosen the glue that connects the bristles to the brush handle. Also keep the base away from the water and cleanser to avoid the glue from melting.

Once you have washed the brushes, gently squeeze the excess water out with a towel making sure to reshape the bristles. You should hang the brushes over the  edge of a counter to ensure that the bristles dry completely. Avoid placing the bristles on any type of surface including a towel as that will only allow mildew to form. It’s important to refrain from using the brushes until they are 100% dry otherwise you will compromise the quality and texture of your makeup. Clean your brushes after you have applied makeup or at night as it does a take a good number of hours for the brushes to dry properly.

You can use any of the following substances as cleanser for your makeup brushes:

  • A mild liquid detergent or gentle baby shampoo. Mix 4 parts water to 1 part cleanser for best results.
  • Hair conditioner, mix as above.
  • Almond or olive oil and use in the same way as mentioned above. Almond oil is only suitable for brushes that have not been cleaned for a while and that are embedded and encrusted with old makeup. Of course, if you spritz your brushes daily and deep clean them regularly, you should not have this problem.

It’s extremely important to use the right amount of cleanser otherwise your brushes will become too hard to work with. You must ensure that you rinse them thoroughly so that you only apply makeup to your eyes and not oil, baby shampoo and other undesirable substances.

You should also spritz your makeup brushes after each use with a daily brush cleanser. This should not however replace your once a week makeup brush cleaning ritual.

While cleaning your makeup brushes will prolong their lifespan, they will perish and at some point no longer be of use to you. Once the bristles start to lose shape and or fray at the ends, it is time to say goodbye and buy new makeup brushes.

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