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What is BB Cream?

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It has taken the beauty world by storm and everyone's asking:  What is BB Cream? Stick with us as we discover and weigh up your options.

Being beautiful is a tough job, but hey, someone has to do it. Seriously, women spend hours and loads of money making sure that they look as beautiful as possible before they leave home. Some women go through as many as seven stages of beauty care, which is both expensive and time consuming.

This is why a German dermatologist decided to experiment and formulate a BB (beauty balm) cream that would cater to the modern woman’s needs. BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm and was created for the purposes of concealing blemishes on the skin, particularly after laser surgery. It has since become the “go to” cream to help speed up the process of applying makeup and looking great.

Today, many women have replaced much of their skin care products with BB cream in order to save money, improve their skin and to get out of the house faster.

BB Cream Versus CC Cream: The Low-Down

We know that BB cream is for removing blemishes, but what is CC cream? CC cream is for color correcting. CC cream can be  used as a sunscreen, collagen booster, moisturizer, anti ager, foundation and skin brightener. These creams are lighter on the skin than BB creams. BB cream do all of the above and are heavier on the skin than CC creams. BB creams are more suitable for dry skin and offer more protection. The difference between the two creams is rather subtle and one has to examine some of the ingredients in order to establish these subtle differences.

BB Creams Offer Added Protection

Many women love BB creams as their ingredients offer much needed skin protection over standard foundation. Most BB creams contain the following ingredients:

  • Dimethicone which is silicone based this offers the same benefits as a foundation primer and also helps to promote skin smoothness.
  • Mica which helps make the skin appear smoother. The mica reflects light which helps with protecting the skin against the sun.
  • Arbutin and licorice which assist in evening out the tone of your skin.
  • Glycerin and hyaluronic acid, both these ingredients work like crazy to ensure that your skin remains moist throughout the day.
  • Peptides, vitamins A,C and E and antioxidants which all help to keep the ageing process at bay.
  • SPF of 30 or higher, they contain titanium and zinc oxide which help to block out the sun. They are also water resistant which helps to keep the sun’s harmful effects at bay too.

Are All BB Creams Equal?

Not all BB creams are equal. If you are serious about your beauty and skin health, you need to get your hands on some of the BB creams that are manufactured in Asia. These are thicker and contain more titanium and zinc oxide, thereby offering more protection from the sun. They have more antioxidants and skin lightening products as many Asian women strive to achieve lighter-looking skin.

Some of the Western varieties are nothing more than a tinted moisturizer with added sunscreen.

Do note however, that while thicker BB creams do offer more protection, they are not ideal for overly oily skin and skin that is prone to breakouts of acne. If you do have acne and oily skin, rather opt for the lighter version of BB cream.

You need to determine your skin type before you buy BB cream. You could have dark skin, oily skin, fair skin,skin that is prone to blemishes and ageing skin. All of these conditions require different types of BB cream so feel free to  speak to the sales consultant before making your purchase.

How Do You Use BB Cream?

The good news is that you only need a miniscule amount of BB cream to get the job done. Place  a pea sized amount of cream on your fingers and apply to the face. Many women claim that BB cream works much better as a foundation giving the results without that heavy thick feeling that some foundations can do. They help to effectively hide scarring from acne and you don’t need to use a lot to achieve this. BB creams are ideal for women who prefer the natural look and don’t use lots of makeup.

Finally, men need not feel left out as there are BB creams formulated especially for them. So don’t delay, go out and get yourself some BB cream today and experience the difference.

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