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Stretch Marks: The Complete Guide to What They Are and How to Remove Them

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Stretch marks happen to  people who gain and lose weight too quickly or often. Women often fall prey to stretch marks because they get pregnant thereby gaining and losing weight in a short space of time. Stretch marks occur when  your  skin is pulled or stretched too  rapidly. While skin is rather elastic, if it is pulled or stretched too much, the collagen formation is affected and this results in stretch marks. Many people want to know how to get rid of stretch marks. To get rid of stretch marks apply palmer's massage lotion for stretch marks.

Stretch marks are common in women, obese people and bodybuilders due to the rapid gain and loss of weight experienced by many of these people. Stretch marks present themselves a purple or pink marks (striae) that are found on the waistline, buttocks, breasts and even the upper arm area. Over time, these striae eventually become white or greyish in color.

Even though many of the affected areas are not always visible, people who suffer from stretch marks can be quite self conscious about it. The good news is that many people have stretch marks so you don’t have to feel ashamed or alone. Stretch marks are not always due to weight gain though. People who use steroids both topically and orally can be prone to stretch marks. Think of people who suffer with Cushings Disease, Marfan's, adrenal gland conditions and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to name a few.

How To Remove Stretch Marks

Some people opt for surgery to remove  stretch marks. These surgeries are often recommended for worse case scenarios, and are not always covered by medical insurance companies. Stretch marks are considered to be a cosmetic issue and therefore not life threatening. Some surgical options include dermabrasion, laser surgery or chemical peels.

Tazorac or Retin-A containing lotions can help to reduce the appearance of the purple and pink stretch marks. They will unfortunately not work once the stretch marks become white or grey. Speak to your doctor before getting pregnant, as there are creams you can use to minimize the damage while you are pregnant.

Removing Stretch Marks Naturally

While you might be tempted to use surgery or expensive prescription medication to get rid of stretch marks, you can opt for a  host of natural options. Many of them are cost effective and will probably improve your overall health anyway:

  • Eat healthy foods to avoid stretch marks. Not only will you minimize the odds of gaining weight, you will give your body the right nutrition it requires to operate at optimum levels. Stay away from saturated fats as these lead to obesity which cause stretch marks in the first place.
  • Nuts and seeds are rich in minerals and they improve your skin tone.
  • Kiwi fruit, papaya, olive oil, kale, spinach are all  vitamin E enriched foods  which is essential for good skin health.
  • Look to strawberries, oranges,broccoli, greens, papaya, gooseberries,guavas and peppers to increase your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is also necessary for good skin health.
  • Yoghurt, seeds, fish and chicken are all good sources of protein and they will also help you to maintain good skin health and minimize the onset of stretch marks.
  • Water hydrates your body and helps to promote skin elasticity(which is essential if you want to avoid stretch marks). Aim for a minimum of 8  glasses of water daily and keep caffeinated drinks and sodas to a minimum.
  • Massage olive oil twice daily into affected areas. Olive oil is rich in Vitamins A,D and E and these all promote good skin health. Warm the oil up slightly and massage for as long as possible. This will also help promote good skin circulation which means better skin elasticity.
  • Cocoa butter is one of the best skin moisturizers known to man. Apply this twice daily for best results. Cocoa butter will enrich your skin while reducing the appearance of stretch marks too.
  • Mix chamomile oil and alfalfa leaves to a fine paste and apply to affected areas. Alfalfa leaves are rich in amino acids that are essential for good health. Repeat this regime 2-3 a day for a number of weeks and watch how your skin improves.
  • Smear a cut up potato on affected areas. The juice from the potato both restores and grows new skin cells. Leave the juice on until it dries then rinse it off with some warm water.
  • Mix a concoction of lemon juice, olive oil and sugar, then  use this mixture to exfoliate your skin where you have stretch marks. Rub the mixture onto your skin gently before taking a bath or shower. You will be  amazed at the results after only a few short weeks.
  • You can also rub lemon juice on its own or mixed with cucumber juice to affected areas. The acid content in lemons aids in minimizing stretch marks, acne and scarring to your skin.
  • Aloe Vera has long been known as a miracle of nature for its healing properties. Aloe is especially good for managing many skin conditions including stretch marks. Apply Aloe Gel directly to stretch marks for optimum results.
  • Massage Castor Oil gently on your  stretch marks for about fifteen minutes. You can then apply a warm cloth to the area for about thirty minutes, thereafter, wash the area with lukewarm water. Do this daily for about a month for best results.

Finally, you can rub a myriad of oils onto your skin to reduce the effects of stretch marks. Here are just some of the oils that will leave you feeling more confident about your skin:

  • Helichrysum oil
  • Rose oil
  • Myrrh oil
  • Chamomile oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Geranium oil
  • Frankincense oil

The secret is to be diligent with whatever method/s you choose to deal with your stretch marks. Be patient and follow the above tips to ensure that your skin is healthy and stretch mark free.


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