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How to Care for Your Naturally Curly Hair

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Naturally curly  hair is something women with lank, thin and straight hair wish for... If only they knew just how much work goes into it! In fact, curly hair comes with its own vocabulary:  co-wash, braid, weave, tease, hair oil... the list goes on. Granted, some of these words apply to 'normal' hair too, but it takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to naturally curly hair. Today we're going to look at some of the special considerations women with naturally curly hair have to face.

Types of Naturally Curly Hair

We recently shared a post with fantastic tips on caring for natural black hair, and we also discussed the four types of curly hair and their subtypes, namely:

  • 4A - Coily & Springy with an S pattern and a definite curl pattern.
  • 4B - Coily & Crimpy with a less defined curl pattern, it has sharp Z-angles and a cotton-like feel.
  • 4C - Coily & Ziggly, it won't clump and is more challenging. It seems to have no definition.

But more than the type of curl, the way in which you style and maintain it really matters. Let’s take a look at some of the important considerations curly haired women face.

Naturally Curly Consideration 1:  Hide or Grow?

There's no denying that you need to be disciplined to grow and maintain curly hair. If your lifestyle doesn't allow you to take good enough care of it to ensure it looks good, consider keeping it short and wearing a wig, if you want to.

Naturally Curly Consideration 2: How Natural Should I Go?

Many curly women opt to go completely natural in their hair care approach, whereby they use the no-poo approach. As an alternative, you could also try some natural products, or at least products that contain natural extracts.

Naturally Curly Consideration 3:  Tame It or Flaunt It?

Love it or hate it, your naturally curly hair is here to stay. Your only choice is whether you will let it be wild and free, or whether you will go to great lengths to try out all the many tutorials on straightening and styling naturally curly hair.

Look at these cool curly hair tutorials for instance:

Invest in a good quality ceramic hair iron and get a bottle of Fantasia argan oil smoothing serum - the ultimate serum for creating straight, smooth, and soft hair. It eliminates frizz while protecting your hair from heat during flat ironing, or blow drying. It also controls moisture and adds intense shine to all straight styles, while improving elasticity to prevent breakage while it repairs damage as you style.

You may also wish to flaunt your curls, making the best of it. A curl-booster spray is ideal for that purpose.

One thing that you'll notice with naturally curly hair, is that it requires lots of product, such as:

Conditioner - you'll be needing loads of that, especially if you're planning on co-washing.

Be Curly is a great product brand for naturally curly hair.

Curly Sexy is great if you want to make your curls as sexy as you are!   

As I Am is a great product brand for naturally curly hair as well.

Mrs Jessie is another great product for naturally curly hair

Want to be more friendly to your hair? Try As I Am As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner 


Problems Naturally Curly Girls Face

Sisters-in-curls share a few issues that only someone who has had the same experience, will understand.

  1. You can't brush your hair

Curly hair doesn't react well to a brush, and that's why you have to comb it, very gently, from the ends up.

  1.  Humidity wreaks havoc

Since curly hair is often dry, it tends to be vulnerable to humidity, as it tries to soak up moisture. For that to happen, the cuticles have to expand, and it results in the dreaded frizz.

Invest in (quite a few jars of) hair butter.  It will make your hair softer, smoother and more manageable.

  1. Blow drying techniques differ

Done wrong, your blow drying experience may turn into a poufy nightmare.  The key is to allow your hair to dry naturally for as long as you can, and then using a diffuser on it. Don't sqeeze the hair though - rather cup in gently in your palm, and folding it accordion style.  

When straightening your hair, aim the nozzle of the blow dryer downward in the direction of hair growth.


  1.  Applying product evenly can be a full-time job!

While everyone else applies product quickly and easily, curly women have to start at the back of the head where the hair is thicker, working the product through the sides and then to the top of the head. You can add small quantities of the product to sections of your hair as you go along.  

  1.  Finding the right hairdresser

The right cut matters when you have curly hair, and it’s important to find someone who knows what they’re doing, especially if you want your hair short. Long curly hair is much easier to style than short curly hair, especially if you avoid bangs.

  1.  Headbands all over the place...

Short on time? Pull back your hair using a headband while it is still damp. It will flatten the crown and leave the ends curly. When you take of the headband when your hair is dry, it will have great body.  You're welcome! :)

Like our tips? Please do share it with your curly friends as well as on social media!

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