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Fabulous, Flawless Foundation in 5 Minutes

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 Foundation is one of those controversial cosmetics, which most of us wear secretly, because after all, our mothers warned against the evils of it. It's true that the foundations of old used to clog pores, and the shades were pretty unnatural. But modern-day foundation has gone through rigorous testing and fine-tuning to bring us some of the most innovative beauty products ever.  According to Troy Surratt, celeb makeup artist to stars like JLo and Mariah Carey, celebs look great on the red carpet because of the flawless effect that foundation gives them.

Not only do they provide all the benefits of old-fashioned foundation, but they also provide a range of other amazing advantages at a fraction of the cost. Let's take a look at some of them.

Why You Should Wear Foundation

  • It makes your complexion look more radiant
  • It evens out your skin color
  • It camouflages imperfections
  • It minimizes large pores
  • It protects against toxins and pollutants
  • It can help you look younger
  • It reduces the appearance of red skin

Many of the latest foundations now contain sunscreens and other ingredients that nourish, protect and enhance your skin. From moisturizers to anti-aging agents and blemish fighters, you're bound to find the perfect foundation for your needs, leaving you looking beautiful.

Expert Foundation Tip:  Do you regularly wear foundation? Then it is even more important to follow a good daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine and to regularly exfoliate. This will stop skin problems and clogged pores in their tracks.

Finding a Fab Foundation

When it comes to a natural-looking foundation, the key is to find a shade that matches your skintone perfectly in order to create a beautiful base for the rest of your make-up.

Knowing your skin tone is the first step to finding the right shade of foundation. Are you warm or cool? That will determine whether you use a foundation with yellow, pink or blue undertones.

You should test your foundation in bright daylight, using a magnifying mirror, suggests Pat McGrath, Covergirl's makeup expert. Apply a layer to your cheek or jaw line. How do you know it's the right shade? It should disappear without blending.

According to Bobbi Brown, your skin type is another factor, especially when you want your foundation to stay on for longer. She says that the right moisturizer will make a world of difference, therefore:

  • use a hydrating balm for dry skin.
  • use a gel moisturizer for oily skin.

Additionally, you should select a long-lasting liquid or compact foundation with a "long-wear" label.  Alternatively, you could apply loose powder to set your foundation.

Steps for Flawless Foundation Application

No matter what makeup you apply, your skin should be a perfect canvas for the purpose, and this is even more important when it comes to foundation. Let's take a look at the steps you should take to ensure the right skin conditions for flawless foundation application.

  1.  Cleanse & Moisturize

Celebrity makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, recommends waiting five minutes from moisturizing before you apply foundation. Since primer can mattify your face and minimize pores, you can use it on its own on lazy days, but you can skip it , when you don't need your look to last all day or night. Lisa Eldridge disagrees, saying that primer creates the base for a flawless finish to your foundation, and helps it last longer.

  1.  Professional Application

Troy Jensen, makeup artist to Kim Kardashian and other stars, recommends using a highlighter brush rather than your fingers to apply your foundation. It delivers a buffing effect. For full coverage, use a sponge to build with, and use the tip of your brush to buff away streaks.

Lisa Eldridge recommends focusing on the problem areas of your skin when applying foundation. While these areas differ for everyone, the center of the face is usually the best place to focus, such as around the eyes, nose, forehead and chin. These areas are prone to blemishes, redness, oiliness and enlarged pores.

Learn how to contour your face like Kim Kardashian - click here.

  1.  Conceal Carefully

Rachel Goodwin says that, if you apply concealer before you apply foundation, you're likely to use more than necessary. Also, since foundation provides a great base, it prevents the concealer from creating creases.

Pat McGrath recommends using a lightweight liquid foundation one shade lighter than your natural skin tone - any lighter and you'll look fake - and applying it with a pointy, small brush. Apply the concealer to the darkest parts of your under-eye circles and to any small skin flaws that are not hidden by your foundation.

  1.  Apply, Match, Set!

Once you are satisfied with your foundation, you can apply a loose powder that matches your skin tone, blending it well to allow the particles to sink into your skin.  Alternatively, use a translucent powder that reflects the light to help your skin glow while removing shine. Starting at the hairline, swoop your brush down to the cheekbones, then up to the bridge of your nose and down the other cheek and up again towards the hairline on the other side, in a W motion.

More of a visual learner? Check out this tutorial to learn how to apply liquid foundation perfectly.


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