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9 Uses of Argan Oil - The Latest Beauty & Health Miracle

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Argan Oil is another one of those miracle potions that have huge health benefits for people who add it to their beauty regime. Today, more and more people are seeking natural ways to treat their skin and to improve their health. If you are a proponent of natural health then you may find this article to be of value for you.

Where Does Argan Oil Come From?

Argan Oil comes from  Argan Tree nuts which are  found in Morocco. These trees live to the ripe old  age of between 150 and 200 years. The nuts on these trees only come into being after about fifty years. Argan Oil is rare as there are not many trees and the process of making this incredible healing lotion is cumbersome.

How is Argan Oil Made?

As mentioned earlier, Argan Oil comes from the nuts of the  Argan Tree which are  located  in Morocco. The Tamri goats in Morocco climb these trees in order to eat the nuts. Given that these trees reach a height of about thirty five metres, that is a lot of climbing for the goats to do.

The goats defecate fully undigested nuts from the trees and the makers of Argan Oil use these nuts to press this incredible oil from them.

Amazing Uses for Argan Oil

Here are a handful of ways in which you can use Argan Oil to your benefit:

  1. Use as a body moisturizer to enhance the quality of your skin. Rub liberally over your entire body for that smooth, moist effect.
  2. Treat dry scalp by massaging  Argan Oil onto your scalp regularly.
  3. Hydrate and moisturize  your skin by adding the oil to your bath water. It safe for use on babies too.
  4. Add some shine to dry and dull hair by rubbing Argan oil into your hair.
  5. Nourish your hair by applying the oil to your hair after washing it. It is ideal if you use a blow dryer often as it will minimize the effects of the heat from the blow dryer.
  6. Create your own homemade toner by mixing  Argan Oil with Orange Blossom or Rose water.
  7. Soften heels by massaging Argan Oil onto your heels. Apply to heels before retiring to bed at night and don’t forget to put socks on to keep the moisture in. Massage into cuticles to promote healthy cuticles and nails.
  8. Argan Oil is a wonderful addition to your commercial mask. Alternatively you can create your own homemade mask by mixing 3-5 drops of Argan Oil with honey and Greek yoghurt and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Wash and dry your face then apply your homemade face mask to your face and leave on for ten minutes. Rinse your face thereafter with warm water.
  9. Moisturize your lips with a blend of Argan Oil, brown sugar and vanilla essence.Massage gently onto the lips for best results.

Argan Oil Takeaway

Argan Oil provides users with extraordinary results and it is no wonder than leading skin care manufacturers are including this miracle oil into their products. The oil is powerful so very little is required to provide incredible results. Make sure that when you buy skin care products that they contain Argan Oil.



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