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Plus Size Leggings: Do's & Don'ts

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Anyone can get away with wearing colorful leggings, provided they do it right. You don’t have to be sleek and slender to look good in your favorite leggings, even if you are plus size you can look fantastic in leggings. After all, it's All About the Bass!



Here are a few simple tips that you can use to look good in while donning your favorite pair of plus size leggings.


1. Fabric

Fabric is most important when it comes to selecting leggings. Make sure the leggings are not to sheer, and stay away from liquid leggings that will reveal cellulite and dimples. Even skinny girls have cellulite so they should follow this advice too. It’s also not cool for your underwear to be showing so select the fabric wisely, and wear a g-string! 



2. Waistband

Make sure that the waistband is secure. If it is too loose, you will spend the day pulling the leggings up. Not only will this frustrate you, it will make you look awkward. Once the leggings become worn in and more loose, you can wear a thin vest or camisole under your top. This should be tucked into the leggings so as to keep the waist firm.


3. Length

If you are short you need to either tuck the bottoms into boots or roll them up. The length must be just right. You don’t want to accentuate your shortness by wearing leggings that are obviously too long for you.


4. Styling

If you are plus size, you need to learn about creating illusions. You can wear longer dresses or tops that cover your “problem” areas such as your tummy and behind. Adding a belt works to give the illusion that your tummy is smaller.

Wearing long and loose tops/dresses will hide the tummy and give the illusion that you are thinner.  Avoid short tops as you cannot create any type of illusion with those.

5. Sass

Be confident when you wear leggings. Leggings expose who you really are so strut your stuff with pride. Having the right attitude will only further accentuate how great you look in your fashionable leggings.

You'll LOVE the latest addition to the UH Supply range: The Stella Elyse art plus size melted wax printed legging.


Cotton leggings work well and are available in a range of colors. You can buy leggings both offline and online. So go get shopping and have some fun!

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