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Wearing Leggings Fashionably - Mistakes & Best Practices

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There’s an art to wearing leggings fashionably. Too many women commit fashion crimes when wearing leggings, but  we will address these mistakes for you, so that you never have to make it to the "biggest legging mistakes" pages.

Mistake # 1 Wearing Colorful Leggings Like Pants

Some women try to wear leggings as though they are pants. Leggings are NOT pants, nor are they tights. They are leggings and should be worn appropriately.


Best Practices: The secret to wearing leggings right, is making sure they are thick enough so that they are not transparent. See-through leggings is a huge no-no and should be avoided at all costs.


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Mistake # 2 -  Wearing Tight Tops and Tight Leggings 

Coordinating tight tops with liquid leggings is a huge no-no.



Best Practice: Create balance by wearing long, loose-fitting tops with your cool leggings or any other kind of leggings for that matter.

Mistake # 3 - Wearing Tops that are Too Short


Few things say "trashy" like tights with short tops - unless you're in the gym, of course. Don’t strive to have a huge gap between your blouse and the leggings. You are not here to give away free peep shows.


Best Practice: Whether you are wearing plus size leggings, colorful leggings or leopard leggings, make sure your tops actually meet your leggings below mid-thigh.... And if you have to wear leggings with a short top to gym, wear g-strings, for goodness sakes!


How to Wear Leggings #fashion

Mistake # 4 - Trying to be a Shining Star

Most women cannot pull off the liquid leggings. You have to have an incredible body to get away with liquid leggings, because these sexy leggings will reveal every bulge. 


Best Practice: Check out our Fashion Leggings Pinterest Board for some awesome legging inspirations, and leg exercise tips to help you achieve sexy leggings legs.


Mistake # 5- Wearing Leggings With Aerobics Tops Unless You're Going to Aerobics Class

Don’t go out with leggings as though you are going to aerobics class - unless you actually are going there in the near future. This means you should not wear a vest or T shirt with your fleece leggings.



Best Practice:  There are so many options available to you when you go out with leggings. You can wear leggings with a skirt, layers, a tunic and a long sweater.


Have you recently saw a legging mistake? Would you dare to share?

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