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Leggings Do's and Don'ts [A Visual Guide]

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One of the biggest trends this winter will be leggings for women. One of the most comfortable garments, they come in numerous styles, prints and colors. From plus size leggings to fleece lined leggings to liquid leggings and colorful leggings, there is something for everyone.


Legging Rules 

However, before we getting into how to wear leggings, we want to make a few rules clear: 

1. NEVER wear leggings as pants! It is supposed to form part of a layered outfit. For example, you could wear leopard leggings with knee-high boots and a long black top that reaches midway down your calves. Don't wear cheap leggings with a short top - nobody wants to see the camel-toe, please!

2. Ensure that your leggings fit properly. It is especially important when you buy sweater leggings that stretch out quickly, to ensure that they don't sag. They should not bunch over your legs, as that's just not sexy... When it comes to liquid leggings, be sure that they are flattering. Properly fitting leggings will fit snugly over your legs, but it won't show every contour and every bit of orange skin.


3. Know the difference between skinny jeans and leggings. Skinny jeans are pants and can be worn with shorter tops.


4. Pick your colors carefully. Cool might not necessarily be hot... Also, check that your undies don't show through the material!




5.  Know the difference between leggings and fishnet stockings.


Wearing Leggings: The RIGHT Way

  • Wear maternity leggings with a long top or maternity dress.

  • Wear sexy leggings with shorts, or short skirts.

Footwear to Wear With Leggings

It is crucial to wear your leggings with the right shoes.


  • Knee-high boots with plus size leggings, army leggings and black leggings look very nice. 
  • Bright colors, such as blue leggings or yellow leggings look best with sandals, flip flops or ankle boots.
  • Cool leggings, such as printed leggings or white look great with pumps, while liquid leggings and fleece leggings work best with high heels. 
  • If you're wearing striped leggings or another kind that would work with mocassins, by all means go with it. 

Make Sure the Length is Just Right

Leggings tend to shrink after a few washes, and when they do, you should only wear them inside the house...

Wear Leggings With a Pretty Dress

Team up your favorite dress with cotton leggings on a cooler spring days. Either wear a dress with a busy print design with solid-colored leggings, or do it the other way around - a solid-colored dress with printed leggings.

For a more casual look, you can do the same with a skirt or shorts.

Casual shoes, such as sandals, sneakers low boots or ballet pumps will work well with either of these options.


Discover Felt Leggings

The latest in classy, sexy leggings, is the fleece lined leggings. Women who have worn these fleece leggings say that it feels absolutely amazing against your skin, and that it makes you feel slim, trim and beautiful. They sometimes come with small zippers and mimick riding shorts to some extent.


What's your leggings style? Do you have awesome tips to share? Please share this post on your social media channels to show your friends the best ways to wear leggings. 

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