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Hair Trimmer and Nose Hair Trimmer - Intro

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Why go to the barber shop and wait for your turn to get your hair trimmed down when it can be done in the comfort of your own home? Professional grade hair trimmers are now available to the general public and you can get yours right here. Today, we’ll explore the different types of trimmers so that you can see how using them can save you a trip to the barber shop as well as allowing you to add your own flavor to your hairstyle.

Hair Trimmer: The Big, The Small and the Tutorial

The electric hair trimmer has several functions that allow you to design your hairstyle in exactly the way you want it. Electric hair trimmers come with guards that protects the hair you want, and discards the unwanted hair, allowing you to control the outcome of your do.

It also comes with various speed settings and adjustments that ensure a clean and stylish cut. Speed settings allow you to manage the lines that make your do even and established. The guards allow you to determine the length of your hair. Now you can create the perfect hairdo with ease and comfort.

Check out this awesome style created with the Andis hair trimmer:


The fine-cutting teeth on the andis shaver allow for extremely close cutting that is ideal for fades and design work. Its contoured housing fits comfortably in your hand and the heavy-duty 8 foot cord allows for plenty of room to work.

Introducing the Nose Hair Trimmer

The  nose hair trimmer allows you to remove those pesky hairs from your nose with none of the pain associated with using tweezers. Nose hair trimmers come with handy attachments and features to remove nose hairs quickly, easily and without any pain.

The nose hair trimmer has a solid tip that easily slips into the nostril and tucks the hair up into an acute bunch before it gently swipes the unwanted hair away. Nose hair trimmers can also be applied to the ears and the eyebrows. It is easy to use, lightweight and portable, so there’s no more excuse to walk around with unsightly hair. The nose hair trimmer is a must if you want a neat, well-groomed appearance.

You can even use it to trim your beard:



The wahl trimmer features a detachable trimmer blade for trimming and detailing blade for precision trimming for the most intricate design. What it does: Ergonomic form with durable sure grip coating and individual guide combs. Powers through facial hair, necklines, sideburns and body grooming. 

Taking Care of Your Hair Trimmer and Nose Hair Trimmer

Proper upkeep ensures that your hair trimmer is functioning properly. It is important to remove germs and bacteria that live solely on surfaces. With the use of disinfectant sprayed on the tips, and leaving it for 10 minutes, you can kill the bacteria.  Andis Blade Care Plus 7 in 1 washes away hair, build-up and preservatives that accumulate on clipper blades.

After the ten minutes have transpired,  wipe the surface clean and store the trimmers hygienically.

With a nose hair trimmer and an electric hair trimmer, you can easily maintain your hair and facial hair.
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