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Long hairstyles for fall 2014

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Many people prefer long hair, as it offers variety to your day-to-day styling options. Today, we’re looking at the long fall hairstyles that are making headlines this year.

Long Hairstyles for Women for This Fall

Radically Round Brushed

A really easy to make but very stylish hairstyle that is trending this fall. Start off with your hair wet and slowly dry your hair using a flat paddle brush. When your hair is close to being dry use a boar bristle to finish drying it. Be sure to apply Heat Is On-protective Daily Primer to prevent heat damage.


Learn how to do this style here:


Foxy Fishtail

Braids have been popular for some time and it’s this fall the fishtail is no exception. Back comb your dry hair then gather it to one side and then split it into two sections. Now you begin your fishtail and then secure it with a ponytail holder.

Check out this awesome foxy fishtail tutorial: 



Long Hairstyles for Men


Skater Boy

This hairstyle is popular with skaters, it has a deep side part and is shaggy at the ends. It is very easy to create. Simply part your long hair in the way you think suits you best.


Rock Star

Rock out with this cool look. Apply some Gold Heat Blow-in Control Protective Serum and flat iron the hair at the sides of your face and apply Defining shaping gel to the hair at the top of your head as you shape it into a more edgy style.  The Rock Star works best with layered hair and mullets.


The Man Tail

This is probably the easiest hairstyle to make. All you need is an elastic to secure your ponytail and you have a nice looking hairstyle.

Hairstyle for Curly Hair

All you require is to apply a small amount of Fantasia Argan Oil Curl Define Creme wet hair and let it air dry.


Tip:  Did you read our posts on naturally curly hair last week?

Finally, if you read this far, you may as well share and help your friends have great hair days, too. :)

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