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Popular Hairstyles for Fall 2014

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Let’s face it - your hair is your crown and that’s why women’s hairstyles have become very important to those who care about their appearance. Today, just about any hairstyle can be popular, especially when it is sported by the rich and famous.  Just think about the newish short hairstyles for women that are so popular among the celebrities these days… Hair extensions are popular for mimicking long hairstyles, such as flat-iron beach waves, soft updos and bohemian bobs.


Flat Iron Beach Waves
If you’re looking for a soft, sexy hairstyle that isn’t hard to create and you have medium to long hair - flat iron beach waves is the way to go. All you need is a flat iron and curling iron. Starting with clean, dry hair, take 1-inch sections, start from the bottom and work your way up. The key is to bend the hair against the flat iron to only crimp around ¾ of the shaft. The remaining hair should be curled with a curling iron in the opposite direction.

Pro tip:  Apply some Flat Iron Sheen Spray from Tigi for that extra beach-magic.


Soft Updo

A soft updo is great for a romantic night on the town and suitable for medium length and longer hair, but you can do it with short hair, extensions and a little creativity. As an added bonus, it complements every face shape. Even though this hairstyle looks complex and difficult to achieve, it is actually quite easy when you get the hang of it.  You start off with a pompadour, before pulling the rest of your hair up and folding it into your own unique style.

Check out this video that explains it in just over 4 minutes:  


Hairstylist Secret:  The key to a good up-do is plenty hairspray


Bohemian Bob

This is a good hairstyle for this fall and it’s all about a heavier bob. It uses blunt bangs and soft waves to create an ageless style. Drifter and the Gypsy has a great tutorial and beautiful pictures, showing you exactly how to achieve it. Here's a picture from her blog:


Newish Short Hairstyles for Men

The modern man is much more tuned-in to his appearance, and that’s all thanks to the creator of our first newest short hairstyle for men, who started the trends for which the ladies are all too thankful.


The David

Sported by celebrity David Beckham, this is a stylish and classy hairstyle. Easy to create, all you need to do is to apply some just start off by applying some  Brit Style Exothermic Medium Hold Gel to your wet hair and then parting it to the side using a comb. Now  use your fingers to style the hair on top upwards and back, slightly to the side. Finally, flatten the sides to your head backwards and leave it to dry.


The Mike
This Mike hairstyle is all about spiking your hair on top and a good and easy way to add style to your look. You can do it in any configuration you like and really express your personal style.  All you need to do is apply a quality firm hold gel to wet hair and spike it upward with your fingers. When you’re satisfied with the spike, add  detail and finishing touches, and you will have a stylish, good looking hairstyle.


The best part of short hairstyles for men as well as for women, is that you can often create them at home with an Andis T-Outliner. Check out this awesome tutorial on How to Cut your own Hair Into a Taper Mohawk.

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