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Hair styles - natural hair styles & tutorials

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There was a time when black female celebs had to straighten their natural black hair to get anywhere in show-biz. However, a few rebelled and now we see some beautiful natural hair styles on the red carpet. As these lovely and talented ladies share their no-make up selfies on social media, I hope it will inspire you and me to rock our natural locks. Natural is, after all, beautiful.

Does natural hair care scare you from transitioning to natural hair? Check out our previous post to find out what our readers think about natural hair care rules.


Celebrities Rocking Natural Hair Styles


Check out our Pinterest boards - they are full of beautiful natural hair styles... 


1.  One of our favorite queens of natural black hair - Jada Pinkett Smith.


Mrs. Smith


2. Solange - gorgeously rocking her natural curls.


Solange Knowles was the first Black celebrity to go with her natural hair texture. She looks so chic. I cannot abide weaves or extensions. Biddy Craft


3.  Raven  Simone's spunky coils complement her gorgeous smile.




Tutorials for Natural Hair Styles 


I don't know about you, but I learn better from videos, which is why I'm going to share some awesome natural hair styles tutorials with you:


1.  Twisted Up-dos & Pompadours- Protective Hairstyle

Taking care of your natural black hair is of utmost importance when you're growing your hair. 



2.  All Rolled Up: Roll, Tuck, and Pin Updo on Natural Hair



3.  Twisted Bun Holiday Updo on Natural Hair



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