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Hair styles: discovering natural hair types!

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I've just been spending some time checking out some amazing natural hair styles on Pinterest and I simply had to share them with you. I've actually created a Pinterest board where you can also share your favorites. 


What Constitutes Natural Hair?

Natural black hair is untreated by chemicals. It is in its natural state. While most women opt for short natural hair styles, it can be grown very long...

Just think about Niki Minaj, who used to hide her own natural black hair under wigs for years, until she recently came out with her natural locks, stunning the whole world.


Natural Hair Types Explained

But natural hair is not just that simple. It comes in a dizzying array of hair types. The four major hair types each has a numer of sub-types.

Type 4: Kinky

This natural hair type is tightly curled or kinky, with a curl pattern that is visibly curly. It has the cirumference of a crochet needle, or smaller. Wiry and tightly coiled, this hair requires special natural hair care as it is extremely fragile to harm by brushing, combing and heat styling. Lots of strands are packed together densely and it is either fine or thing to wiry and coarse in texture. The kinks actually shrink up to 75% of the hair length.

Within this type, you get for sub natural hair types:

: This hair has a Z pattern, which is less defined, but instead, it bends in sharp angles. It has a cottonny feel. Shingai Shoniwa has this hair type.

4A: This hair type is tightly coiled, but when stretched out, it has a S pattern, like curly hair. It has a definite curl patter, and is usually more moist. Esperanza Spalding has this hair type.


Type 4 Natural Hair Care Tips:

  • Use moisturizing styling products.
  • Remember, this hair is fragile, so give it plenty TLC.
  • Use plenty conditioner and a comb to detangle and sleep on a satin pillowcase.
  • Let your hair air-dry.
  • Don't use a brush on your dry curls.

Type 3C - Kinky Curly Natural Hair

This is a combination of type 3B and 4A, as it has tight corkscrew curls that are as thick as a straw or pencil. The curls could be tightly curled or kinky with plenty strands packed densely together. It can usually be blow-dried, but it's usually a challenge.

Alicia Keyes and Jada Pinkett-Smith have type 3C hair.

The same natural hair care tips for type 4 applies.

Type 3 has three sub natural hair types:

3B, which has a medium amount of curl, ranging from bouncy ringlets to tighter corkscrews the size of a sharpie. Celebs that sport this hair type include Keri Russell, Bernadette Peters, and Melina Kankaredes.


Natural Hair Care for Type 3B

  • Use products for curl definition and light moisture. 
3A, which has big, loose and shiny curls roughly the circumference of sidewalk-chalk. Debra Messing and AnnaLynne McCord have 3A hair.

Natural Hair Care for Type 3A

Type 2 Natural Hair Type - Wavy

The S-curl or wave forms throughout the hair and it sticks close to the head, even when it is layered.

Within type 2, there are two sub-types:

2C, which is coarse and thick, and resistant to styling. It frizzes easily. Brittany Snow, Daisy Fuentes and Jennifer Nettles have type 2C hair.

2B, which is also somewhat resistant to styling with a tendency to frizz. It is medium textured and can be seen on Nelly Furtado, Carrie Underwood and Joss Stone.


2A, which is easy to handle and style, and very thin and fine. Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts and Scarlett Johansson have type 2A hair.


Natural Hair Care for Type 2

  • Type 2 hair requires lighter products that enhance curls without weighing them down.
  • Use a diffuser, or let your hair air dry. 
  • Don't brush or comb dry curls. 

Natural Hair Styles

Janelle MonaeThese days, you can do pretty much any natural hair styles, since there are styling products for just about any need. While 1940's chic is making a comeback for natural black hair, wavy beach-style layers are timeless for type twos.

From grocery shopping to the red carpet, women are encouraged to show their personality with their natural hair styles. Check out our natural hair products board, where you will get even more style ideas. PLUS! See how the guys are rocking their natural hair styles



Blowdrying Natural Hair


Since natural hair types are usually quite fragile, you have to be cautious when you blow dry. Ideally, you should air-dry or use a dome air dryer, but if you don't have one, check out this helpful video tutorial:


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