Halloween Make-up: Basic Professional Application Tips

October 12, 2014

The ghouls are coming! Have you decided on your Halloween make-up look just yet? Today we're going to give you some basic tips, but the key is to have the right tools on hand, and to be as creative as you want. It is the one day a year when you can truly express yourself with your make-up, so just go ahead and have fun!


Choose Your Halloween Character

If you could choose to be whoever you want to be for one day - who would you choose? There are so many different options to choose from, that it may warrant a little bit of research. Here are some of our favorites from across the web that are beautiful, yet simple enough for anyone to recreate at home:





Spider Eyes





Halloween Make-up Basics


1.  Prep Your Skin

We always talk about preparing the canvas, i.e. ensuring that your skin is clean and smooth, before you apply make-up and that is particularly important when it comes to Halloween make-up. You will probably apply thicker layers of everything than usual, and the last thing you need is a make-up meltdown or unsightly stains. 


2.  Prep Your Supplies

Once you have decided on your Halloween look alike. Now is the time to make sure you have your make-up, costume and other supplies handy as well. 


3.  Set Aside Time

Be sure to make time to plan your look. Watch tutorials for the specific look you want to create and also make time for a trial run, to see whether you can do it, and to fine-tune your look for the Halloween party. 


Horror Halloween Make-up is the Easiest

It is also pretty versatile, so today we'll give you a basic horror Halloween make-up tutorial.Whether you choose to go for a light application, or to go all out and create a complete new horror-worthy look, this will give you a good start.


1.  Start With Foundation

Usually, you would use a foundation a few shades lighter than your natural color. You can also use some of the great tips in our Kim Kardashian tutorial to contour your face, which will create a completely different look. Remember, you don't need to contour in standard places. By contouring areas that should be highlighted, you can create a freakishly deformed look. 


2. Adding Eye Detail

When it comes to Halloween make-up, the eyes really matter the most, so you need to spend time on them to ensure that you nail the scary look. Most people choose dark colors, such as charcoal, gray or black, and sometimes pink, red violet or indigo for their Halloween eye looks. Stock up on eye-shadow and eye-liners in those colors ahead of time.

We like Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows #17 Primary and Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows #07 Ready to Wear for this purpose. It is inexpensive and you can use it for day-to-day make up application. 

Apply dark colors around the eyes, on the upper lids and also underneath your eyes in a wide circle that fades around the outer edges to create a sunken look.

If you have light eyes, it will contrast nicely with the dark make-up, but you could always buy unnaturally colored contact lenses for the occasion.

3. Ghoulish Cheeks

Sunken cheeks can make you look real scary and this is where good contouring skills come in handy. You can also add stage paint or blush the the hollow you have created. Try brown or grey for an ultimately ghoulish look and blend it well, using a cosmetics sponge or your fingers.

4. Bloody Lips

Red lip color is the perfect tool to imitate the look of fresh blood. Don't be shy about that bright crimson lip-stain and oodles of glossy lip balm. Alternatively, use matte to create an undead look, or try dark brown, burgundy or black.

We like Rouge Terrybly Age Defense Lipstick - # 204 Narcotic Sienna by TerryMilani Color Perfect Lipstick Red Delicious # 44 and Milani Lipstick Color Gourmet Coffee.

Depending on the look you want to create with your Halloween make-up, you may want to get some stage blood to complete the look. Don't use your normal make-up sponges and brushes to apply stage make-up, but rather buy a cheap make-up kit, since this is a one-off look.

Most importantly, have FUN when you're applying Halloween make-up.






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