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Hair Relaxers: How Can I Minimize Damage?

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Hair relaxers offer a quick and easy solution when you want to turn your naturally curly hair into soft, smooth tresses. In the last number of years, hair relaxers have come a long way from the labels they carried in the early years. Many of them now contain special treatments to protect your hair while straightening it, and it is also safe to use on little girls' hair.

Today we're chatting about hair relaxers.

How Does Hair Relaxer Work?

Lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide, and the strength may vary from between a pH 10 - 14. Obviously, the higher the pH level, the more powerful the relaxer.

Non-lye hair relaxers contain guanine hydroxide, another strong chemical.

Both relaxers penetrate the hair cortex where it breaks the disulphide bonds, causing the hair to straighten. It is a permanent procedure, once the bonds are broken. The process is irreversible, but new growth will be your natural hair.

Hair weakens when the bonds are broken, and the damage will depend on your hair type and the type of hair straightening solution you use.

Using a conditioning protein treatment before and after you relax your hair will will protect and strengthen the hair.


Getting Past The Over Processing Risk of Relaxing

When retouching your relaxer, be sure to avoid getting any of the product on previously relaxed hair, as it could cause more damage. 

Most modern relaxers contain natural proteins that helps keep your hair smooth and healthy. It restores some of the strength to the hair and increases elasticity.

Look for a product with protein concentrate, which offers more benefits than protein oils.

When buying a hair relaxer, look for one that contains protein



UhSupply Tips for Healthy Home Hair Relaxing

When relaxing your hair at home, be sure to follow these instructions to keep your hair strong and healthy.

1. Read all the package instructions, and be sure you have all the materials handy, including plastic gloves, combs and whatever else you need.

2. Always test the solution on a small strand of hair before applying it to the whole head. Never use relaxer on newly colored or bleached hair.

3. Apply petroleum jelly around your hair line to protect your skin and to prevent burns.

4. Rinse the product out thoroughly after it has been in for the prescribed time.

5. Don't heat treat your hair for at least a week before or after relaxing.

While there is a lot of negative talk about relaxers, it is important to know that you can relax your home without causing it to break or dry out.
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