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Going Natural: Transition or Chop? Pros & Cons

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Relaxation shouldn't be hard work, but when it comes to hair, it certainly is. Relaxed hair requires constant upkeep and hard work. However, when you decide to go natural, you face a whole new battle and a big decision. Instead of transitioning, many women decide to go for the big chop, which is a shame really, especially since there are so many great transitional hairstyles available.

However, the choice is yours. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of transitioning, or chopping.


What is Transitioning?

When you decide to eliminate chemical treatments, you allow your hair to grow out naturally while you continue to gradually trim the processed ends.

By slowly trimming the relaxed ends away as the relaxer grows out, you can help keep breakage to a minimum, leaving your hair looking healthy and strong.


Why Should You Transition?

Transitioning allows you to avoid the waiting period while your hair grows out, which is particularly great for those of us who are not comfortable with short hair.

Transitioning allows you to learn more about your hair and curl type, thus, allowing you to perfect your styling skills.

However, as with any type of hair growth, there are some cons too:

1. Inconsistent texture.

You'll have to decide whether you want to wear your hair in a braid or a twist, because the ends will be straight while the roots will be curly. Alternatively, you could use rollers or rods.

2. More work.

Transitioning may feel like it takes longer than the big chop, but your hair will grow at the same speed. Technicially, it is just more work.


Click on play to watch this video with some great transitioning hairstyles right here:



Prefer to rather chop it all off?


Why Should You Chop it Off?

If you decide to chop it off and go natural, you will have to cut off all the relaxed hair and wear an afro for a while.

The benefits of chopping it off include:

1. Consistent texture

That means that you only have to deal with one hair texture, as opposed to the relaxed and curly textures you have to manage when you decide to transition.

2. No waiting time

Your hair (what's left of it) is natural immediately after the chop.

3. Fresh start

Having the relaxed hair chopped off affords you a fresh start - no chemicals, no split ends - with natural hair.

Wait a minute: Can it really be that easy?

Yes and no. There are cons to chopping it off too:
  • waiting for your hair to grow
  • having to learn a new texture right away
  • finding new natural hairstyles for short hair

But it's entirely up to you. You have to choose what makes you feel great and what suits your lifestyle best. 


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We'd love to hear from you. Share your transition or chopping story below in comments. 

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