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DIY Expert Make-Up Application Techniques

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Today we're all about pretty make-up. However, a smooth canvas generally makes for a more beautiful picture, so we're going to incorporate some skin care tips that encourage healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.



A Beautiful Face Starts on the Inside

The skin is the largest organ, that covers your entire body. It breathes, releases toxins and protects your tissues. It is really pretty amazing. For these reasons, it is very important to care for it from the inside by following a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly. Here are some more tips: Don't touch your face unnecessarily, as bacteria on your fingers can cause breakouts. Don't squeeze pimples, as it could damage the dermal tissues, causing scars or pits. Apply cleansers and creams in a gently upward motion. Always remove your make-up at night and treat it with special eye-creams and AHA lotions, because the skin replenishes during sleep.



Expert Make-Up Application Techniques


Expert make-up tips can help hide flaws and change your appearance to suit different occasions. For example, look at how Kim Kardashian's inspired facial shape changes with a few strokes of highlighter.




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Expert Make-Up Application Tips & Take-Away


Knowing the techniques is a good start, but it is important to understand the basics. When applying make-up, remember:


  • Don't test foundation or powder on your wrist, as it is too pale. Rather color match it on your neck or face directly.
  • To conceal blemishes and redness, use foundation, instead of concealer.
  • Apply a primer first, to stop your make-up from fading during the day.
  • Blush should be concentrated on the apples of your cheeks that puff when you smile.
  • If you're attending a special occasion, apply your make-up earlier and only touch it up when you're about to leave.
  • This will ensure that it looks more natural. Since you won't have to apply it from scratch, you won't rush either.
  • Press a tissue to the oily areas around your nose, chin and forehead before smoothing on a thin layer of pressed powder.
  • Only powder is applied in a downward motion, in order to smooth down your facial hairs.


Did you find these tips helpful? Please let us know in comments below!

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